Boat length w/bowsprit or slip length (whichever is greater)

Season* (Full service & Water) $85.00/Ft.
Season LTD.SVC – Min.( $1,750.00) $78.00/Ft.
Month (incl. 30A elect) $37.00/Ft.
Week (incl 30A elect) $15.00/Ft.
Day (incl 30A elect) $ 3.00/Ft.
Seasonal Electricity
30 amp shore power hook-up per cord $350.00
50 amp shore power hook-up per cord $500.00

 Labor Rates

(Average) Actual labor rate variable per skill classification of individual craftsman/technician

Boat Cleaning (housekeeping) $48.00/hr
Painting, Varnishing, Carpentry $69.00/hr
Rigging, Mechanical, Electronics, Fiberglass $75.00/hr

All labor invoices subject to a 3% Environmental Surcharge             

All yard work, storage and mooring or dockage rental accepted  subject to Terms of Business printed on reverse.

Terms of Payment

A $900 non-refundable deposit for winter storage must accompany reservation with the balance due upon completion of lay-up work.  To reserve your summer space a non-refundable deposit of half the charges for mooring or dockage must accompany summer reservation before Jan 31 with the balance due on April 30th.


Month $550.00
Week $185.00
Day $40.00

* Season is May 1 to October 31


Space for one dinghy is included with dockage or mooring. Dinghies not to exceed 12 feet LOA.


One parking space is included with mooring or dockage.

Additional seasonal permit available at the following rate: $200.00

Visitor and guest parking rates

Month $165.00
Week $45.00
Day $8.00

Trailers per axle (seasonal) ............................................................... $250.00

** Facility Use Fee (seasonal)

Includes one parking space & dinghy space on float...................... $800.00

Winter Storage

In-water stored boats will be charged short term storage after
14 days on land at Spring haul out. Minimum charge based on
275 sf. Boats not staying for summer season will be charged for
mooring or dockage after 10 days following completion of yard’s
recomissioning work.

Winter storage does not include any decommissioning or
commissioning work, unstepping or stepping spars; rigging work
to haul in-water stored boats; removal or reinstallation of gear,
equipment, electronics, dinghy outboards, batteries or bottom
painting, etc.

A $900 non-refundable deposit for winter storage must accompany reservation with the balance due upon completion of lay-up work.

Winter Storage

November 1 to April 30

Boat: On land inside (includes dust cover) $11.00/sf
Boat: On land outside $6.25/sf
Boat: In water (does not include frame and cover) $8.00/sf
Spars: includes moving to and from storage $3.50/lf
Roller Furling: includes moving to and from storage $2.00/lf
Radome: inside storage (plus labor) $35.00
Dinghy: $250.00/ea.
Dinghy Outboards: $60.00/ea.
Electronics: heated storage $20.00/ea.
Batteries: stored inside with periodic charge $40.00/ea.
Large batteries per policy
Shrink Wrap quoted by linear foot

sf = length (including bowsprit, swim platform, etc.) x beam


Short Term Storage

(Not incl. haul, launch or move) will be charged if yard is not performing service work.
On land outside (or in water November 1 to April 30)

Month $1.30/sf
Week $1.00/sf
Day $.50/sf
On land inside: above rate x 2
Vessels stored on land in excess of one year: 2 x above rates


Miscellaneous Fees

Travelift: w/use of trailer and stands. Minimum charge based on 25 lf

Per lift plus labor $9.00/Ft.
In & out haul: plus labor $11.00/Ft.
Crane: plus labor $100.00/lift
Forklift: plus labor $ 100.00/lift
Pressure wash: plus labor $3.00/Ft.
Equipment locker $400.00/yr
Waste oil/diesel disposal $6.00/gal.
Waste gas/solvents/antifreeze disposal $16.00/gal.