Incentives & Discounts

$100         Winter Storage deposit discount

12/11       Payment plan for Year-round Customers (see mgmt.)

10%       Disc on fuel for seasonal slip/mooring customers


Boat length w/bowsprit or slip length (whichever is greater)

Season (Full service) >59' $120.00/Ft.
Season (Min. $1,900.00) $95.00/Ft.
Month (incl. 30A elect) $55.00/Ft.
Week (incl 30A elect) $18.00/Ft.
Day (incl 30A elect) $ 4.00/Ft.
Seasonal Electricity
30 amp shore power hook-up per cord $550.00
50 amp shore power hook-up per cord $700.00

 Labor Rates

(Average) Actual labor rate variable per skill classification of individual craftsman/technician

Boat Cleaning (housekeeping) $70.00/hr
Painting, Varnishing, Carpentry $80.00/hr
Rigging, Mechanical, Electronics, Fiberglass

Diesel, Electronic, Electrical, Diagnostic



All labor invoices subject to a 3% Environmental Surcharge             

All yard work, storage and mooring or dockage rental accepted subject to Terms of Business.

Terms of Payment

A $900 non-refundable deposit for winter storage must accompany reservation with the balance due upon completion of lay-up work.  To reserve your summer space a non-refundable deposit of half the charges for mooring or dockage must accompany summer reservation before Jan 31 with the balance due on April 30th.


Month (July/August Unavailable) $900.00
Week $250.00
Day $45.00

* Season is May 1 to October 31

Facility Use Fee

Includes dinghy space under 12' space and one parking permit.       $1,200.00


One parking space is included with mooring or dockage.

Additional seasonal permit available at the following rate: $550.00

Visitor and guest parking rates

Season $500.00
Month $200.00
Week $75.00
Day $10.00

Trailers per axle (seasonal) ............................................................... $350.00

Surcharge for additional axles............................................................$50.00

Winter Storage

Minimum charge based on 275 sf. Boats not staying for summer season will be charged for mooring or dockage after 7 days following completion of yard’s
recomissioning work.

Winter storage does not include any decommissioning or commissioning work, unstepping or stepping spars; rigging work; removal or reinstallation of gear,
equipment, electronics, dinghy outboards, batteries or bottom painting, etc.

A $900 non-refundable deposit for winter storage must accompany reservation with the balance due upon completion of lay-up work.

Winter Storage

November 1 to April 30; includes labor to haul, wash, block, and relaunch.

Boat: On land inside (includes dust cover) $13.00/sf
Boat: On land outside mast in <39' (plus SW) $9.25/sf
Boat: On land outside mast out (plus sw) $8.00/sf
Spars: $4.25/lf
Roller Furling: $3.00/lf
Radome: inside storage (plus labor) $40.00
Dinghy: $400.00/ea.
Dinghy Outboards: $125.00/ea.
Shrink Wrap (SW) Subcontracted

sf = length (including bowsprit, swim platform, etc.) x beam


Summer Storage

(Not incl. haul, launch or move) will be charged if yard is not performing service work.
On land outside: Full Season=1/2 winter storage cost

Month $3.00/sf
Week $2.50/sf
Day $1.00/sf

Miscellaneous Fees

Travelift: w/use of trailer and stands. Minimum charge based on 25 lf

Per lift plus labor $14.00/Ft.
Crane: plus labor $125.00/lift
Forklift: plus labor $125.00/lift
Pressure wash: plus labor $3.50/Ft.
Equipment locker $500.00/yr
Survey Haul LF; must be paid in full up front; includes labor (except any rigging work necessary) $23.00/Ft.