Benjamin Riggs was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, March 27, 1759. He was the son of Moses Riggs who himself was born in 1731. Both were descendants of Thomas Riggs, a scribe who arrived from England in 1658 to settle in Goose Cove Gloucester, Mass.

When Benjamin Riggs was 11 years old, he shipped before the mast on a coasting schooner with Captain Jewett of Westport Island, Province of Maine. The schooner put in at Robinhood Cove many times for firewood and fresh water.

Young Benjamin was so impressed with the place that he vowed to return and settle down there. More coastal trading and blockade running during the American Revolutionary War intervened, but in 1784, Benjamin Riggs did return. If the Proprietor's map is correct, he very probably purchased one lot from the Kennebec Proprietors and adjacent land from Thomas Trafton. He built a log cabin on his new property.

Riggsville Post Office

Benjamin married Ruth Pearl, daughter of Colonel Simeon Pearl of Edgecomb. He started a general store at the head of the wharf to meet the needs of townspeople, traders and fishermen bound for the Grand Banks. So began the thriving little community on Robinhood Cove, which was known as Riggsville from 1887 to 1916.

Over the years Benjamin Riggs prospered and he built a number of storehouses and a large general store in 1820 to house his merchandise and thriving business. Our Library, Studio and big red building (being renovated) still standing on the Marine Center site were among the earliest structures built by Benjamin Riggs.

Benjamin was an active public servant and served as Selectman and a member of the General Court for many years. He was a shipbuilder, ran a coastal trading business, owned sawmills, and a substantial amount of real estate.

Benjamin's eventful life came to an end on January 2, 1846.

Benjamin's son, Moses took over the store and ran it from 1846 until his son Kervin became proprietor in 1884.