Over sixty friends and customers of the boatyard attended a special tribute and unveiling party at the Old Rigging Shop Studio this Spring.

Agnes Powers, “First Lady of Robinhood” served her community of Robinhood Village for 45 years. She was a woman of many titles, Schoolmarm, Postmaster, Minister, Historian, Poet, Writer, Village Nurse and lover of all that nature offers.

Starting her service to the community in 1908 as Schoolmarm at the little red brick schoolhouse (next to the Robinhood Meetinghouse). In 1924 she took on additional duties as Postmaster, which she held until 1960. Also in 1924 she took her vows as Lay Preacher of the Methodist Church (Meetinghouse) and held that position until 1964.

The unveiling was a success due in large part to a priceless gift of the original Post Office module (circa 1900) by Ralph Becker, previous owner of the boatyard. Jack Schneider, local artist and sculptor also provided a lifelike carving of Agnes Powers (postmaster) placed behind the Post Office unit where she had served for so many years.

This exhibit will be on permanent display in the Old Rigging Shop Studio for all to enjoy.

There are several posters featuring the history of the Post Office at the boatyard dating back to 1841 and the life and community service of Agnes Powers to the Village of Robinhood.