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  • Robinhood is now Derecktor/Robinhood. A match made in Maine

    March 7th 2016 was a big, no, a huge day in the long history of Robinhood Marine Center. For on that date, Robinhood became Derecktor/Robinhood and a new chapter in one of Maines’s great boatyards and marinas began.

    Andy Vavolotis, Robinhood’s owner and guiding light had decided after 35 years that he was ready to turn to new owners to move Robinhood ahead. And those owners could not be just anyone. As anyone who knows Andy knows, he’s a bit choosy when it comes to his boats and boatyards. So the new owners had to be experienced boatyard people (and being sailors wouldn’t hurt).

    He found the perfect fit in Derecktor Maine, a partnership of Paul Derecktor, John Koenig and Derecktor Shipyards. Known world-wide as one of America’s leading builders and repair yards, Derecktor has launched vessels ranging from America’s Cup winners to the largest yacht ever built in the US, the 287 ft., 2500 ton Cakewalk. Derecktor’s New York and Florida yards are also the choice for repair and refit for many of the world’s famous yachts and sophisticated commercial vessels. Paul has led the yard, founded by his legendary father Bob Derecktor, for over 25 years. He and John are lifelong friends who have been partners in, among other things, a high-speed commuter ferry in NY harbor. John also owned and operated a marina and boatyard in New Jersey which was destroyed in Superstorm Sandy.

    As the new owners, we bring experience and energy to Robinhood along with a commitment to building on the unique business that Andy and his staff have created. Our first move was to hire Neil Collins as General Manager. Neil spent the past 10 years at Maine Yacht Center in Portland, and has built a reputation for both technical expertise and thorough professionalism. We (Neil, Paul and John) are also all experienced sailors. Together we have a boat owner’s perspective in relationships with customers.

    The unequalled location and setting of Robinhood. The capabilities of one of America’s great yards. The passion and commitment of a new ownership and management team. Now that’s a match made in Maine.

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